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AirB&B - Guest Wedding Ring Check Prank

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In this wickedly cunning prank letter, we reveal AirBRB's newfound christian stance on heathens smashing outside of wedlock. AirBRB's new policy requires Hosts hunting for signs of holy matrimony "Wedding Ring Check" to fend off any "Affair B&B" shenanigans!

But beware - it's all part of the devious game! Hidden within the letter lies a sneaky QR code leading to a mischievous "gotcha!" 😄 Unleash the sender's identity and brace yourself for a fiendishly hilarious video, audio, or text message that'll leave them gasping for air!

Dial the provided number at your own risk - we've conjured an obnoxious hold time tune, that'll send shivers down their spine!

This prank is no joke - it's raw, wicked amusement that spreads like wildfire! Prepare for a playful prank that'll have them questioning their sanity!

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